Drone & Aerial photography is a cost-efficient way of showing
your property’s land size & proximity to nearby amenities.


In recent years, the popularity of drones have absolutely taken off (see what I did there) and their impact on the real estate market has been instantaneous. What once required expensive helicopter rides or elevated car-poles to achieve can now be done with drones, making aerial photography / videography extremely cost-effective and a great asset to all home sellers.

Sometimes, we’ve had people ask about the quality of drones compared to shooting with DSLRs. Drones typically are only able to carry small payloads, and of course the result is that the camera sensor onboard is smaller and not as complex as traditional cameras. However, the quality achieved by these small sensors is already unprecedented, and for all real estate marketing purposes, the quality output is much more than adequate. Our drone photos have been printed onto billboards and no one has ever made a comment about the image quality compared to photos shot on DSLRs. Put simply, drones are entirely capable of delivering the results that you need.

In the following section, I’ve outlined the 3 kinds of photos we at Yught typically take with our drones for properties.


As it sounds, this is a birds-eye view shot of your property. Ideal for showcasing properties with a larger landsize, desirable dimensions (for example, wide street frontages or depth), or even shape.

With these shots, it’s typical to have a landbox drawn with dimensions and total landsize displayed. This information is obviously very important to buyers, especially those with intentions to develop the land or otherwise.

Our team includes the editing of the photo and addition of landboxes & dimensions as a part of our drone photography, so when booking your drones, be sure to make sure you’re getting your value for money.


Location, location, location – Undoubtedly the prime factor when buyers consider a property. For properties which are located nearby to local amenities such as shopping centres, schools, and parks, drone photos can be a fantastic way to show just how well positioned your property is.

A context shot is taken from a distance away to show where your house sits relative to different landmarks. This will help illustrate to your potential buyers how amazingly situated your property is.

Typically, context shots should be edited with a small landbox to show the actual property itself, and markers to show landmarks and amenities. Again, this is included in our drone photography package, so make sure your supplier does the same.

Raised facade

This is like a front shot you’d typically expect, except taken higher up. The main reason you may want a shot like this is to accentuate the facade and roofline, which is usually a worthwhile consideration for larger houses with prestige frontages.

The secondary application of a raised facade shot is to show the land whilst maintaining some of the house’s frontage. This results in a photo that delivers a lot of information: what the frontage looks like, the shape of the block, and the dimensions – All in one nifty drone photo!

This is comparable to elevated car-pole photography, except drones are more flexible. Whilst a car with an extended pole can only take photos from the road, drones don’t have this limitation, and alongside the additional height possibilities, you can be sure that drones can capture the perfect raised facade shot when an elevated pole can’t.


Nearly all properties will benefit from this new & evolving technology, so we’d definitely recommend considering drones as a part of your marketing schedule. They’re extremely cost effective, and brings a new dimension to your listing. For properties that have a good landsize, or are situated in an ideal location, drone photography cannot be recommended enough.

If you’d like to know what drone possibilities are available for your residential or commercial property, feel free to reach out to us on our contact page.

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