Floorplans are highly practical and help your agency’s brand.
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Floorplans are an often overlooked part of a real estate agent’s marketing package, but they’re actually a fantastic and surprisingly simple way to provide brand lift to your agency whilst remaining an efficient and functional part of your marketing package for your clients. In this article, we have outlined some things to be mindful of when it comes to your floorplans, including additional ways to use them to help make your listings stand out from all the others.

Online Version

Most agencies miss the fact that floorplans are actually a fantastic branding opportunity, and can be used to also differentiate your listings from others very easily. Even basic things such as including your logo should be standard practice on all your listings. All floorplans we process at Yught are watermarked with your agency’s logo, to ensure that your listings are always helping to build your brand.

The actual aesthetic quality of your floorplans should also be a consideration. You don’t need to look far to find listings that have floorplans that are hugely inconsistent in design and are also illegible. Make sure that your floorplanner ensures that colours are palatable and consistent, and that text is big enough to be read on devices.

Print Version

Be sure to request a clean version of your floorplan from your floorplanner that doesn’t include things such as your logo, disclaimer, and address if you already have these things present on your agency print-templates.

We have seen many times over real estate agents who’ve doubled up on logos / information by printing floorplans with such information onto templates that already provide similar information. This reduces your professionalism and shows to your clientele that you do not have a keen eye for detail when it comes to marketing collateral.

3D Floorplans

In our experience, 3D floorplans have not proven to be hugely valuable. In fact, we have had many buyers prefer standard 2D floorplans as they are much more functional. Whilst 3D floorplans may be a good supplement to 2D floorplans to give your listings a point of difference, they are by no means essential and in some cases can damage your listing as they are rarely accurate enough to be meaningful. This is because the 3D floorplan will not reflect the real wall & floor colours accurately, nor be furnished in a way that is realistic.


Remember, every part of your marketing can be used to not only increase the interest in your listings, but to also further develop your agency’s own branding & presence. This in turn provides even more authority to your listings themselves. Start thinking creatively about how you can maximize the benefit of each component of your marketing schedule to really maximize the outcomes for you & your clients.

If you’d like more suggestions on how you can creatively raise your branding authority, please feel free to reach out to us on our contact page.

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