Your clients will see you online before they see you in person.
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It always strikes me as interesting as to why some agents use outdated profile photos they had taken too many years ago, or dare I say it, a photo taken on their mobile phones! If this sounds like you, don’t worry – You’re not alone, and it’s not too late to change.

Many agents will have their portrait viewed across many areas, from online to print media to even signboards. In many cases, your prospective clients will see a photo of you before they actually get the chance to meet you in real life. That’s why it’s important to ensure that your photo is up-to-date & to a standard which portrays you in the best light possible.

There’s a multitude of ways you can have you & your team’s portraits taken, and we’ve outlined them below.

The Classic White Background

Straightforward & clean, these portraits are shot against a white backdrop with studio lighting. The benefits are that these photos can be superimposed onto other backgrounds if necessary. Further, they provide greater control as you don’t need to fight with the elements outside. Lighting, angles, and positioning can all be dealt with meticulously indoors.

Something you should consider before your shoot is the actual positioning of bodies in photos. For example, will you be standing straight on, on an angle, hands in pockets, etc… Further, will you want everyone on your team to assume a similar pose? Or will you want everyone to have an individual set-up? If you do want team members to look uniform, then having portrait shooting guidelines in place is important to maintain future consistency in photography style.

The Indoor Studio Shoot

These are my favourite kinds of portraits, albeit the most expensive. That’s because you typically need to scout for an indoor location that can provide a beautiful backdrop, whilst letting your photographer control the lighting directly.

This is essentially a studio shoot that allows you to utilize a more creative background, which allows you to build more of an atmosphere that strengthens the emotions & culture tied to your agency.

Your photographer may have an appropriate studio that has a setting for this, however we have found the best results with agencies who have gone the extra step to hire out beautiful interior spaces when shooting the entire team.

Outdoor Location Shoot

This is a good way to get some scenic backdrops without having to pay for a location. However, your photographer loses a lot of control in external settings, and that can make shoots difficult and possibly make end outcomes less desirable depending on a multitude of variables.

Things such as direct sunlight, wind, and pedestrian traffic can affect the quality & smoothness of your shoot. It’s strongly recommended to do as much planning beforehand, especially when it comes to accounting for weather conditions and location scouting.

Our recommendation would be to find an area that has a visually appealing backdrop, whether that be a parkland, a lake, a city setting, or whatever else helps express the culture of your agency. Your photographer’s eye will be important here in finding the angle which will make your photos pop.


You only need to take a couple of good photos every few years, so be sure to do it right. Don’t try to skimp on your self image, because that reflects on how you’ll treat your client’s listings. It only takes an extra bit of planning to really ensure that you get the photo that’ll portray your personal brand in the best way possible.

Of course your photographer will be able to advise you on these points so be sure to discuss with them beforehand. If you’d like any advice about the direction to take your team portraits, please feel free to reach out to us on our contact page.

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